In this section you will find only the best quality products for which you won’t pay much. Products which are available in our shop, come from these manufacturers which you valve and trust.

La Rosita in Palatine offers a very wide range of products, so you will find here everything you need. Whenever you are making a salad or you making a meal you can be sure that our food have the highest freshness and taste.

La Rosita Deli Department has been prepared in such way to satisfy everyone of you. Large selection of carefully selected meat and cheese which are cut, pre-packed and ready to take home.

If you are in Palatine, we invite you to our local grocery where you can find reputable and a well-known brands that you trust in a good price.

In our local store you can find the best price for the best and freshest fish and poultry. In this section you’ll get all you need which is freshly cut and packaged on site.

Meat is one of the most esteemed food that is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Cooked well is suited to many dishes.

Ice creams tastes very good at any time of the year. They are one of the healthiest and least fattening desserts in the world.



Our experienced, competent and friendly staff will gladly assist you in choosing the right meal to meet your expectations. Our dishes are prepared with fresh, carefully selected ingredients, delivered by trusted and regular suppliers.

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